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Random Wednesday Pictureless Copout January 30, 2008

Filed under: me — Emily @ 2:49 pm

1.  24 of 36 garter ridges down on block 4 of blanket.  I am incredibly grateful that my sister will not be having babies any time soon.  In an incredibly hopeful move, I put the ball of blue in my bag for the next block. 

2.  My ugly toe nail finally fell off.  It’s still ugly and deformed, but progress is being made.  If enough folks clamour for a picture, I will gladly oblige.

3.  Knitpicks support is sending me another set of size 7 Harmony tips.  One needle is starting to separate the tip from the metal screwy bit. 

4.  Ladybug is having a blast with the new babysitter.  She hasn’t yet tried to suffocate either the 4 month old or the 8 week old, so I think things are going to be swell. 

5.  Aunt is recovering from a successful heart surgery.  They performed 3 procedures in 2.5 hours.  I am impressed.

6.  Are the primaries over yet?  How about winter?


One Response to “Random Wednesday Pictureless Copout”

  1. Kelly Says:

    1. I thought this was supposed to be a long-term project.

    2. Thanks, but I’ll just rely on my imagination.

    3. At least their customer service is good. You’d think they’d be getting sick of these calls.

    4. It’s always good to not have the little terrorist kid at the babysitters. 😛

    5. Best wishes to your Aunt for a speedy recovery.

    6. No, and officially no. But we’re in the 70s today, so I’ll shut up about that.

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