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As it turns out, I was wrong. January 18, 2008

Filed under: me — Emily @ 12:39 pm

Not about the hole.  That’s still there.


About the baby.  Oh there’s still a baby, and there’s only one (phew!).  Let’s just say hubby is going to be completely outnumbered in the gender category. 

This one is a headstrong little girl, though.  She did not want to cooperate for the sonogram.  These pictures are the best we could get. 

The house is finally showable and it was supposed to be listed by Wednesday, but it’s not up yet.  Pooh.  Maintaining this kind of cleanliness is hard!

I think I have finally come back to the mindset of knitting.  I can read blogs again without that bad stomach feeling, and I have an itch for something on the needles.  I think maybe I need to make those bright socks for Ladybug.  All I need to do is tie her down and measure her foot.  Surely I can do that.  I may even try it on 2 circs. 

Oh yeah, some Harmony needles are living with me now!  I’ve got the Options set, the DPN sock set, and 2 each of the 0 (2.00mm) and 1 (2.25mm) 16″ fixed. 


2 Responses to “As it turns out, I was wrong.”

  1. lisa Says:

    Get him a couple of betas, each in their own bowls, and let them look at each other… that’ll let some testosterone fly! Congratulations!!!!

  2. Kelly Says:

    Look! It’s a baby! Yay!

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