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New things I love October 5, 2007

Filed under: knitting — Emily @ 10:37 am

I have found two new-to-me tutorials that I will now promote:  A Provisional Cast-on that Really Truly Unzips, and (somewhat related) a Tubular Cast-on.

If, perhaps, I can find a situation appropriate for photography, you will see why I love these two things together. 

Also, knitting with a llama/silk blend should not be attempted on the slicker-than-snot Knitpicks 3.25mm metal DPNs.  No slippage or droppage has occurred, but that’s just because I am a contortionist who has managed so far to constantly support her knitting on her lap.  A trip to one of those LYS’s that hopefully has something in a lovely bamboo 16″ circular is planned for this afternoon.  I will first try the store that sold me this luscious yarn (and gave me a 20% discount because it’s for a good cause.)

What am I knitting with something that soft?  Well, let’s just say that I’ve gotten approval to Hat it to Maggie.

And if you’re wondering, October has continued to find ways to distress me.  I spilled coffee all over my couch earlier this week, and last night Ladybug didn’t go to sleep until 2am. 


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