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I think I must be oblivious October 2, 2007

Filed under: Ladybug,me — Emily @ 12:28 pm

And I totally blame October.  This October is the second annual celebration of my-brains-turn-to-mush Month.  Symptoms include going out to my van to get my drink (which I forgot earlier) and then nearly forgetting to also get the F connectors.  Also leaving the door unlocked at night. 

October is very dangerous.  And you have to watch out for all the deer.

October also brings my 30th birthday. 

And yesterday, October 1st, introduced me to the blog of my friend who had the copy of Stitch N Bitch that I perused and decided to start knitting and that’s totally a run-on sentence.  Michelle!  Hi!  You even added me as a friend in Ravelry, and I didn’t know it was you.  (That one I can’t really blame on October; I think September wanted to get in on the action too.)  Man, that was freaky for a while.  How many Michelles can there be out there just like you?  (PSST, hubby does not know exactly how much yarn is in the house.  Please keep it hush hush!)

In other news, as you may have guessed from the awkward wording of references to my daughter in the previous post, I have decided to stop using her name on the blog.  I think I have come up with a decent blogname for her – Ladybug.  Yes, it’s very cutesy and I haven’t really called her Ladybug for a year now, but I needed something.  I will take other suggestions, though, before I go back and change my archives. 

Wearing Mommy's shoes

Can't quite get up

She’s in that phase where she loves to dress up.  My shoes are fair game!


3 Responses to “I think I must be oblivious”

  1. Kelly Says:

    Your shoes and mine. Sheesh. At least Ladybug hasn’t gone around the house with her father’s underwear on her head. Boy, do I have blackmail pictures for later….

    A birthday, eh? Another good reason to celebrate! (30’s fine. 40 — now that sucks.)

  2. lisa Says:

    Wow, you’re even going to change the archives? I only rarely mention my kiddo by name, but I don’t now if I’d change it. 30 sucked for me, but only because of circumstances. 31 was better. 40 was another odd year-series of accidents, etc, concussion, reconcuss, caught on fire, hurt my knee…. but 41 was better!

  3. Michelle Says:

    Hi! I think you’ve actually become a more prolific knitter than I (look at how many socks you knit compared to myself). I like the title ladybug, I was unoriginal and just use capitalized pronoun-type words. The yarn, if you are ever asked is just your retirement-yarn-investing (I love that Yarn Harlot justification), but he will hear nothing of it from me 🙂

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