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Life September 28, 2007

Filed under: me — Emily @ 9:40 am

Hubby and I watched the new show Life on NBC on Wednesday night.  Technically, we watched Bionic Woman and since Life came on after and we were too lazy to change the channel, well, we watched the show.

Quick synopsis:  Charlie Crews was a cop who was convicted of a homicide and spent 12 years in a Federal Penitentiary before he was exonerated.  Everyone thought he was guilty.  His wife divorced him pretty quickly after his conviction.

So hubby mentioned that if I was sentenced to life without parole, he would divorce me too.  Even if he knew I was innocent.  He would fight for a couple of years, but that was it.

I was astonished!  He was incredulous that I wouldn’t do the same. 

I think he just doesn’t want to change the cat litter.

What would you do?


2 Responses to “Life”

  1. lisa Says:

    Oh my! I did watch the intro to that…then I had to go to bed… didn’t consider the big questions you did! I’d guess ‘it depends’ doesn’t quite cut it does it? 3 billion comments is pretty funny. So back to the tv… I missed the first couple minutes of Bionic Woman. What was it about the blonde, the 1st bionic woman? I caught a glimpse of her in a hospital johnny and the asian guy, but thought it was the previous show AND CHANGED THE STATION! (Ack!)

  2. Kelly Says:

    Umm… well, I didn’t see the show, but I guess it would totally depend on things. If I totally thought he was innocent then I’d stick by him. Or if it was a self-defense thing. Then I’d stay. But if there were any doubt as to whether he were guilty of actual murder, I’d divorce him and he wouldn’t be able to ever find me again. Or I’d have him taken out. Solve the problem all the way around. But I’m mean like that.

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