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Click! September 5, 2007

Filed under: knitting — Emily @ 10:32 am

I had a moment this weekend.  I started Reid’s second sleeve, and I just didn’t feel like pulling out my lovely assorted stitch markers, so I worked on it for a few rows without them.

And I have found that I don’t need them.  The pattern made sense.  I can see where things are supposed to fall, so I know when something’s not right!  The worst mistake I made was to forget a YO, which is just about the easiest mistake to fix when you only forget it 2 rows down.  And since I’m knitting with cotton, the holes all even out and you can’t tell.

Which is how I’ve been able to knit on the sleeve and watch 3 movies.  Yes, I have to keep the chart handy, but I’m not looking at it every other stitch. 

Now as long as I can keep from dropping stitches, I’ll be good.  I haven’t been using a lifeline, either.


2 Responses to “Click!”

  1. Kelly Says:


    lightbulb’s on and working!

    I love that point when you finally can “read” your knitting and everything just sort of falls into place.

  2. lisa Says:

    No lifelines! Go girl go!

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