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Things that are not socks August 15, 2007

Filed under: knitting,patterns — Emily @ 1:43 pm

I like to think big.  I like to think about what I am going to do next, when clearly I still have weeks until I’ll be able to start the next thing.  In the intervening weeks, of course, new patterns become available and get my attention. 

But right now, I have 3 sweaters’ worth of yarn.  I want to think about that.  (Let’s not think about the cough20+cough future socks I have stashed away.  I am thinking sweaters right now.)  (Also, I am sorry that I surprised you with more yarn.  I hit that sale again.  I am weak.)

I am thinking top-down raglan, because I do not like seams.  They are scary.

Right now I am thinking Sahara, Wicked, or the Simple Knitted Bodice.  All worsted weight, because that’s what I have.  All long-sleeved, because I do not think short sleeves and wool (Cascade 220) go well together in my climate and living environment.

I am not a skinny girl, but I have curves in the right spots and a waist separating them.  I need something that does not make me look like a sack of potatoes. 

I also want something that is mainly stockinette, but has some interest to it as well.  I don’t mind paying for a pattern, but I’d rather not buy a whole book for just one pattern.  I could check it out at the library, though.

I’m also not afraid of a little math.  If there’s a great pattern out there that just needs a little tweaking to be right for me, I can do it. 

Whaddya think?  I’m open to suggestions, opinions, verdicts, voting, scorn etc.


One Response to “Things that are not socks”

  1. lisa Says:

    My vote is for the Sahara! When I first saw the SKB pattern I also loved it, but it was a sexy knitters club kal, and I didn’t love all the versions that were knit (it looks FABulous in the super expensive yarn it calls for). I have nothing against Wicked, just style-wise it is not one that would look good on me, so I don’t give it as much attention! You might check the sexy knitters club blog, search it for pics of each, I think they are all on it. After you make one of them, you can splurge with texture pattern and make up your own?!?!

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