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There is no sock yarn competition August 8, 2007

Filed under: yarn — Emily @ 10:49 am

Oh help me, I’m totally unstoppable right now.

I just placed my first order with Fearless Fibers.  I have been coveting her yarn for a while now, but for some reason always talked myself out of buying.  I don’t know why!  Her prices are just great, and the way she dyes her yarn is just perfect for me and my preferences.  I’m going to take the leap and add her link to my side bar.  She’s been super sweet so far!

But really, I’ve been a little out of control with the yarn spending.  I knit so slowly that my little sewing box yarn storage thingy is overflowing.  I can’t close the lid any more, and pretty soon Hubby will notice it.  So I am going back to my previous stance of “Unless I think I will die without it, I will not buy it.” 

Unless it’s on sale.

Speaking of which, there’s a little shop close to my house that carries a small yarn selection.  The store is mainly for cross stitch and framing, but the owner discovered knitting so decided to stock some basics.  (I haven’t been to the website in a while.  It looks like she updated it and they’re carrying more yarns now, whoopie!!)  If you clicked the link, you’ll see why I’m going to run by there.  40% off all in-stock yarn through August 31st!

It might be nice to buy something other than sock yarn.


2 Responses to “There is no sock yarn competition”

  1. lisa Says:

    Oooh, those fearless fiber yarns look so yummy! I was immediately taken with Marrakesh. A couple years ago I had this mantra ‘no cheap yarn, just good yarn cheap’ so I have bought far too much yarn on sale and now have single or 2 skeins of this and that! It’s so so so hard to resist decent wool at $3 or $2 or $1 (or less in a couple instances!). And your stash is overflowing a sewing box????? That’s just odds and ends hon! Mine is overflowing a four drawer chest and a couple bins besides!

  2. Kelly Says:

    Fearless Fibers… we love Fearless Fibers… must… stay… off… of… Etsy… noooooooooooo…

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