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Keepin’ it spoiler free July 24, 2007

Filed under: books,Ladybug,reid — Emily @ 9:59 am

Yup, I finished Deathly Hallows.

I liked it.  Yessiree, I did.  Some of what I expected was right, and some was wrong.  I liked how J.K. Rowling worked out the final confrontation.

The Epilogue was OK.  It helps to remember that this book is for kids, so I shouldn’t expect an in-detail analysis of the fallout after the final events in the main story.

If you want to talk specifics about it, leave a comment saying so, but don’t discuss the specifics in the comment.  I’ll email you back and we can do it there.  I will delete any spoilers I see (but it may take me a while to see them, so please be careful!)

I finished the book too late last night to have time to cast on for the first of Reid’s sleeves, and I’m traveling today so I don’t expect to get anything started tonight.  I suppose I could get lucky and get home at a decent hour.

Oh, and if you’re wondering how I was able to find time to read so much yesterday, well, Anna’s on vacation.  She’s spending 3 days at a little resort for members of the MSTA with my Aunt and Uncle.  So far she’s doing well, and I only cried a little bit watching her leave!


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