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A Movie Review and More! July 5, 2007

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Stranger among us

Ok, so I’m about 15 years too late, but hubby demanded that he receive this movie as a gift at some point this year, so I had to oblige.  Since I had to watch it, too, you get to hear about it.

Basically, Melanie Griffith is a rough and tough talking modern grrrl cop who embeds with a community of Hasidic Jews in NYC to solve a murder.  There are little vignettes on life among the Hasidim, and many of those are enjoyable to watch.  Hubby tells me that they seem fairly accurate to him, as well.  However, the moment Melanie opens her mouth the movie loses its attraction.  Her dialogue is so brash and forward, so focused on sex and lust, that it contrasts negatively with the subtleness of the community.  I wanted to smack her character every time she hit on the male lead.

The movie was clearly made to mimic the success of Witness.  I wish hubby had made me buy him that movie instead.

We had a good Fourth of July here.  We had a family gathering for lunch, and after going home briefly so Anna could have a nap, we went back to my Grandpa’s house to hang out some more.  My sister flew in from Madison, so we got to see her for the first time since Christmas.  Anna and I will get to spend more time with her tomorrow, too. 

Don’t expect much knitting progress for the next week.  I’m working another Pre-GO support week next week at a different location, so the only knitting I’ll get done will be in the evenings.  I hope that by the end of today I’ll have all of the gusset decreases done for my second Pomatomus. 


One Response to “A Movie Review and More!”

  1. lisa Says:

    Yeah, some of those older movies just don’t have staying power! The two that I felt shouldn’t talk were Darryl Hannah and early Kevin Costner (both beautiful, but not so nice to listen to!).

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