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Different Philosophies June 29, 2007

Filed under: me — Emily @ 11:18 am

Yeah, I’m still here.  I’ve been working support for a new store that’s opening in my area. 

Speaking of which, I was talking with one of the coordinators, and I asked him if the store was going to install any cut-out ramps in the concrete right in front of the entrance/exit doors.  He looked at me like I was a crazy insane person.  Appparently this retailer’s perspective is “We want to make it easy for customers to come into the store.  Once we’ve got their money, we don’t care if they have $1000 worth of equipment in a shopping cart, they can push it around an extra 20 feet to get to the existing ramp around the corner.”

Then of course he pointed down the strip mall and said, “I bet Office Depot doesn’t have any ramps in front of their doors.” 

On the way back from lunch we drove past Office Depot.  Yup, the whole front section was a ramp.

I can see why this particular national retailer is having some problems.  They seem to think it’s well-paid loyal workers, I’m getting more of a customer service/satisfaction vibe.  Luckily, I’m not directly employed by them!


3 Responses to “Different Philosophies”

  1. lisa Says:

    whooo, yeah. It’d be interesting for those in charge of those decisions to spend some time NEEDING those ramps!

  2. lisa Says:

    Thank you! I hadn’t found it…will have to dig back in her posts. I read Norma, but not regularly. I enjoy her blog. But, I tend to read most those blogs whose writers either email me back when I post a comment to them or comment on my blog. Is that snotty? I dunno. I feel like I could spend my whole life in front of the computer, so many interesting sites, so many interesting ideas, etc. But there are so many other things I’d like to be doing, like knitting, kayaking, digging in the yard, socializing with people in person, that sort of thing. (and I don’t recognize that poem!-but I’m the science geeky type more than the widely read literary type).

  3. lisa Says:

    Popular? Snort! me either. But now, I am more or less, but only because I have friends who are friends and odd like me!

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