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Inertia, or random Friday June 22, 2007

Filed under: me — Emily @ 9:38 am

You know that feeling, right?  You start the day ready to tackle the toy explosion in the living room, and by 10am you just can’t keep yourself focused.  You really want to relax.  Sit on the couch, eat a few almonds, and pretty soon you’re thinking about blogging.  Or maybe taking those pictures of your stash.

NONONONONONO, I need to keep working.  Ok, I need to take this load of toys upstairs to the computer room.  Hey, I can blog for a minute.  Just a minute!

Yeah.  That feeling.

So to make up for having to work on Saturday (tomorrow!), I am basically taking today off.  I’m on call so no Anna!  It’s a total recipe for disaster.

I started the cuff for my Pomatomus mate, but you’ve seen a picture of the other cuff and it looks the same, so…. 

Ok, back to cleaning.  I’ll probably swing by a Home Depot and look for a toy containment strategy.  Don’t you wish you were me?

Don’t answer that!


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