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Whoopsie June 20, 2007

Filed under: me,yarn — Emily @ 11:40 am

The Wollmeise yarn isn’t scheduled to be part of this sneak-up.  But I’m still stalking.  I think a lot of other people are too; the site is sluggish today! 

The diet’s not going so well right now.  I’ve had a couple of visits from my friends Ben and Jerry, and then Double Stuf came (but at least he brought along his cousin 2 percent, so that’s healthy.)  Easter Candy has been hanging around since April. 

Coincidentally, does anyone actually prefer the regular Oreos to the Double Stuf? 

At least tonight’s dinner won’t be from a package labeled “Voila” or “Skillet Sensation.”


2 Responses to “Whoopsie”

  1. lisa Says:

    My husband (prefers the regular Oreos). Me, I like the doublestuf…when I eat one side off of two of them and put the rest together as a quadruplestuff! I guess I’m sitting a bit in your dh’s camp (dont’ quite get it)…but I am very easily amused!

  2. Kelly Says:

    Regular Oreos, hands down. Preferable chocolate-coated. With milk. Cold milk.

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