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Great day for up! June 6, 2007

Filed under: Ladybug,me — Emily @ 12:57 pm

Up Up Up!

Anna’s getting up earlier and earlier these days.  Today, she woke up at 6am.  Two months ago she was getting up reliably at 7:30 (just in time for Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.)

6am is MY time.  I haven’t gotten to watch the news or eat my cereal in peace these last two days.  So… grump grump grump.  6am is also some good quick knitting time, so I haven’t gotten that either.  Do you know what Anna likes to watch at 6am?  The Wiggles.  Oh dear, I can hardly stand them!

In more upness, I’m driving one of those scissor lifts again today, pulling cable, so…  grump grump grump.  Guess what?  I get to do it tomorrow, too.  Grump grump grump.

Right now my favorite thing about Ravelry is the pattern search.  You can look at all the sock patterns posted there (either by the designers or by folks linking to sock patterns they’ve completed) and find a treasure trove of (free!) patterns you’ve never seen before.  I’m diligently searching for a pattern that will be perfect for the Blood Orange yarn.  Totally fun.

So is my daily dose of Sudoku.

Yes, the theme of today was taken from Dr. Suess


One Response to “Great day for up!”

  1. lisa Says:

    Can you knit with the Wiggles? ‘Me’ time is so hard when the kiddos are toddlers! Best to you!

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