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Simple vs Complex June 4, 2007

Filed under: knitting,pomatomus — Emily @ 12:42 pm

When I first saw the pattern for Pomatomus, I thought I would lose my mind trying to knit it.  It still looks like it would be hard to knit.

But really, it’s just a k1tbl p1 rib, with a yo and k2togtbl thrown in for biasing.  Brilliant pattern, but so easy to follow and rather intuitive once you get started.  (I admit that at this time I haven’t moved onto the foot portion, so I don’t know how that’s going to work for me.)

Reid, however, didn’t look all that tough, but it’s a booger for me to keep track of.  I can’t look at what I did the previous row and figure out what comes next!  If I make a mistake, I generally only notice it by counting my stitches in every section. 

I think Reid made me a little knit-shy. 

In more Pomatomus news, I am halfway through the second repeat of the leg chart.  I’m still very happy with the way it’s progressing.  The merino/tencel blend, while being a bit splitty, is becoming a very soft, sleek fabric.  Because the sock is essentially a k1 p1 rib, it’s very squishy and it makes me happy just to fondle it.  Speaking of which, I shall go knit on it some more.


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