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Reid lounging on the back porch May 15, 2007

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Would you like a knitting update?

When we left our intrepid knitter, she was spending the night away from home.  She was hoping to get a good chunk of knitting done, after a visit to a sushi place and a local seller of yarns.  Before that evening, she had done a grand total of 5ish rows on the left front piece of Reid.

Baby, look where she is now! 


Count ’em!  That’s almost 4 whole repeats!

Wait, is that a pink cable I see?  Can we get a closer shot?


It is! What about those needles?



Those look like… Addi Lace needles! 

Oh, they’re so wonderful.  Threads had just received a shipment of them, and they had the size I needed for Reid.  I was leery, of course, of switching needles mid-project, but my gauge didn’t change and they make knitting Reid so much easier!  The old needles were a cheap aluminum, and were too slick for the cotton yarn.  These have just enough grab to make the stitches stay on the needles, and that sharp point makes those ssk’s so smooth.


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