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This is a knit blog, right? April 27, 2007

Filed under: knitting,roza's socks,yarn — Emily @ 9:18 am

There must be some knitting going on, right?

Sure.  Tuesday night I spent the night at a hotel for work, and I watched a bunch of TV and knit on my second Roza’s Sock.  I’m down to the foot now. 

Nope, no pictures.  It’s been rainy and grey and yuck. 

I do have a K-Mart bra report.  They’re OK.  One of them does that trick where it creeps up your back while the girls slide down.  The other two are better.  There’s some actual lift and separation going on that they haven’t experienced in a while.  However, these two bras start to hurt my ribs by late afternoon.

I can bring you some pictures of a pretty pet yarn skein.

Yarn Pirate “Dogwood”, Merino/Tencel blend purchased from the Loopy Ewe.

This is the yarn that I mentioned in this post.  It’s so pretty and soft; if the colors are going to change when I wash it, well, I’ll just never wash it!

Also, I’ve made up a little page of the future knit projects that are in my head.  So there’s been some mental knitting as well as real knitting.


One Response to “This is a knit blog, right?”

  1. lisa Says:

    That’s a very attractive pet you have there! On the bra front (or back?) it is well worth a trip to a place that will fit you. A bit embarassing/weird, but in the end well worth it…the backs won’t ride up, the girls shouldn’t sag, and not sure about the rib thing, that may be a quality versus size issue. Do you like wordpress? I’m thinking about switching! Rainy, grey, cold and yuck here.

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