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Three or more things April 20, 2007

Filed under: me — Emily @ 9:43 am

Thing 1.  Getting up at 3:30am is worse than 4:30am.

Thing 2.  Sometimes filling up your gas tank at 4:30am can be amusing.

Thing 3.  If you get to watch an extreme car chase while your tank is filling.  I mean really, how often does one get to see the elusive driver go the wrong way on an interstate exit ramp?  And then watch the same driver realize he was about to commit some form of suicide/manslaughter combo and turn off into the grass.

Thing 4.  Starbucks does not open up until 5:30am.

Thing 5.  They will let you wait in the drive-thru lane for at least 10 minutes, while you heroically use what little light there is to knit a k3p3 ribbed cuff.

Thing 6.  Sometimes getting home in the afternoon and just collapsing into bed with a kitty on your back, closing your eyes but not really sleeping for a half hour, can be the best sort of relaxing way to end your day.


One Response to “Three or more things”

  1. Now those are 6 things to smile about!

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