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Up at 4:30 am again April 10, 2007

Filed under: weekend wrapup — Emily @ 11:43 am

Don’t worry.  I’ll try to keep the crazy talk to a minimum.

— End Post —

Ha ha. 

The weekend was nice.  What I mean was that Monday was nice.  I took the day off work!  Even with 2 trips to the DMV, Monday was great.  I know that I could never be a SAHM (money issues aside) because I would go crazier trying to amuse Anna day in and day out.  But one day where I had errands to run, and the weather wasn’t below freezing (thereby allowing us a short trip to the park) is doable for me. 

I love the park.  Anna loves the park. 

I dislike getting up at 4:30.


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