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That shopping bug April 6, 2007

Filed under: yarn — Emily @ 11:45 am

I almost got stung by the shopping bug.  I followed a link somewhere and ended up on Yarnzilla, where they are having an extreme sale in April.  Rowan Wool DK, perfect colors for a log cabin baby blanket.  With the 20% plus the punchcard discount, I could get almost $200 worth for around $135. 

I was good.  I closed the window.  I think my shopping cart is still cached, though.  Oh no, to make my links I went back to the website.  Oh I may die now.  Tell my husband that I love him so much I died from not buying yarn.

Edit:  Did you know they don’t take paypal?  I had started to checkout when I found out that I had no way to pay for the yarn.  I don’t have a Mastercard or Visa.  I AM SAVED AGAIN FROM MYSELF!!

Son-of-edit:  *Whimper*  I’m thinking about calling them up to see if I can buy this yarn somehow.  I can’t seem to let go!


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