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That last hand… nearly killed me April 4, 2007

Filed under: knitting,reid — Emily @ 11:08 am

Someone else is knitting Reid!  (I hope I did that trackback correctly.) 

I’m not feeling particularly chatty right now.  It’s not blog ennui; I just don’t have much to say about my knitting.  I could talk about Daniel Craig in Casino Royale (which we watched Monday night), but I think most people already know that’s he’s built nicely and looking at his body in profile was the only thing that made that torture scene bearable.  (Thanks for the suggestion, Lisa.)  It’s not knitting, though. 

Maybe I’ll cast on the right front for Reid.  Maybe the pattern for Roza’s socks, while making lovely socks, is a little mindless for me right now.  I never thought I’d be craving complexity.  Who knows?


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