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Sproing. March 26, 2007

Filed under: reid,weekend wrapup — Emily @ 1:25 pm

It seems to be pretty common for people to post about the things that indicate that Spring has arrived.  I started thinking along a traditional vein.

Bradford Pear

We have a couple of Bradford Pear trees in our back yard, and when the wind blows, the scent of the blossoms blows into my kitchen. Heavenly.

However, another sure sign of Spring is the arrival of the humidity, and what it does to our hair. Particularly, Anna’s hair.

Curly Anna and Mommy

It’s hard to get a good shot that shows just how wild her hair gets. You can’t tell that her hair is down to the middle of her back, because it just curls up and looks shoulder length.  She just HATES having her hair combed.  We’ve invested in some detangler spray and that helps a bit. 

So this weekend happened.  We had some lovely weather, so we spent a lot of time outside.  I pulled some weeds in the daffodil/iris bed on Saturday, and we went to the park on Sunday.  Outside time is a good thing with a 2 year old. 

I’ve done one and a half repeats on Reid since I last mentioned it.  Just so you know precisely where I am, I am working on the left front, and have completed a total of 4 repeats of the 16 row pattern.  I’m making it in size 4, so I have to complete 6 repeats before I work on the armhole shaping.  I completed the back last October. 


One Response to “Sproing.”

  1. lisa Says:

    That girl has just crazy hair! It’ll probably be something she’ll hate and everybody else will envy!… The Reid pattern is lovely, what color are you doing? And free sexy for me was Liam Neeson (in his kilt in Rob Roy), but yesterday I saw Casino Royale…and I think the new Bond is pretty hot, but do I know his name? Nah, who cares!

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