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Half off March 9, 2007

Filed under: knitting — Emily @ 11:05 am

My first Jaywalker is half off of the needles.  I started my bind off last night (I use the bind off that Wendy talks about here and here.) But with this stomach sickness that started on Tuesday, I just didn’t have the oomph to finish it. How sad, eh? I’ll get it done today, I’m sure.

The above is how I started my post for today. “But I could just sit down for 20 minutes and get it done!” I said to myself. So I did. I still haven’t worked away the ends, but I always save that for when I’m at home.

Let me talk a bit about the bind off. On my first sock, I used Savannachik‘s toe up worksheet, which contains instructions for EZ’s sewn bind-off. I didn’t like it very much, for a couple of simple reasons. One, I dislike having to estimate the amount of yarn I’ll need for a bind-off. I always leave too much because I don’t want to leave too little. Two, I didn’t like needing to pull out another tool for the bind-off. Three, the sock top rolls. Now, this third issue is probably just something I did wrong (e.g. only 1 inch of k3p1 ribbing instead of 2 inches), but the first two were killers.

On my second sock, I used the picot bind-off. It got rid of the first and second issue with the sewn bind-off, but it rolls too.

I used Wendy’s bind-off on the BFF socks and they don’t roll. It’s now my default toe-up sock bind-off. I hope she doesn’t mind sharing!


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