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Please don’t kill me March 5, 2007

Filed under: knitting,weekend wrapup — Emily @ 6:11 pm

I still haven’t uploaded the pictures of my completed BFF socks.  The sad part is that I was a huge shutterfly this weekend.  I did another photo shoot of the socks, and I also took a lot of pictures of my daughter. 

We rented three movies this weekend: Stranger than Fiction, Batman Begins, and The Adventures of Elmo in Grouchland.  I am by no means a movie critic, but I will say that the family enjoyed all three movies. Stranger than Fiction was funny in a smart, not-Will-Ferrell-typical way. Batman Begins was very good. I know I’m a little late on seeing the movie, but Scott didn’t want to see it because of how bad the last couple of Batman movies were. He was very glad we rented it.

And Elmo, well, we watched it 3 times if that tells you how much Anna liked it. She’s not going to like it when we have to return it to the store.

I’m making good progress on my first Jaywalker. Unfortunately, I’m in the process of tinking back a couple of rows. I used Miriam’s toe up heel again with the maths calculated as if I would be picking up 16 stitches on each side of the heel flap, but I thought I’d be smart and save some work and not decrease all the way back down to my original stitch count. Brilliant, I thought, until I tried it on. The heel is too shallow.

Everybody ready for the big shop update at the Loopy Ewe tonight? My Comcast better be working!


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