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I am stronger February 26, 2007

Filed under: me — Emily @ 6:53 pm

I am stronger than my desire for a candy bar out of the snack machine.

I am stronger than my desire to click on a huge order of Knitpicks Shine Sport (but just barely).

I am not stronger than my desire to own some SweetGeorgia before she takes her break. 

Oh, that candy bar is so tempting!

I’ve lost 16 pounds since Halloween, but this last week has been rough.  I want all the things I have been denying myself.  It helps to hear that my sister has lost so much weight that she’s down to a size 4-6.  It’s inspiring, although I am a little jealous.  Before Anna was born I weighed in at 145.  I gained 50 pounds with the pregnancy, lost 20 at her birth, and then ate my way back to 195.  I have no delusions that I’ll get into a size 4 pair of pants, but it’d be rather nice to be in my size 10s. 

 So I’m renewing my vows to avoid fast food unless it’s absolutely necessary, and to eat salads as much as possible.  No french fries from McDonalds for me, unless I’m driving and so hungry I can hear my stomach acids start to eat my organs.


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