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$146,000 tax break? February 26, 2007

Filed under: in the news,knitting — Emily @ 4:27 pm

I’m going to try to stay as apolitical here as I can.  However, is it right that Paris Hilton (OK, she’s a random rich person, she’s not named in the story) gets a $146,000 tax break but states can’t afford to pay for insurance for poor children because the federal government is cutting their funds?

In knitting news, I’m still cranking away on the BFF socks. I’ve got one or two more cable crosses to do and then 2″ of 2×2 ribbing. I actually got a bit of knitting time this weekend! We rented Man of the Year, and let me say, NOT what I expected. It had it’s funny moments, but from the previews I expected it to be about the wacky hijinks of a comedian elected to the presidency. Nope. It’s actually a conspiracy movie! But it was good for providing me with a little socky love. Same with the Oscars, and Dresden Files.

Curses, I guess I should get back to work.


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