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My UFO February 23, 2007

Filed under: knitting — Emily @ 4:51 pm

My one and only UFO.  Knitty’s Reid. I’m making it in Paton’s Grace, color Viola, and to get gauge I have to use size 2 needles.
reid back 01

I’m making it in size 4 because I knew it would take me forever to finish. However, my two year old is already wearing size 3T and some 4T shirts. She’s very long-waisted.
Superbowl Sunday

I just had to take a break from it. It’s my first sweater-like garment, and my first lace. The stitches are not hard to execute or anything, it’s just difficult for me to memorize the pattern (it’s a 16 row repeat). And after I made a mistake all the way across a row, I had to take a break. The back is complete; I think it was the left front that I started that I kept messing up.

So right now Reid is just sitting forlornly in the bottom of my knitting bag. She goes with me everywhere but never gets any action. Someday soon, precious. When I’m not so put off by fiddly knitting.


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  1. […] conclusion.  After I finish the Jaywalker socks, I’m going to start working on Anna’s Reid cardigan again. I think I’ll have to tink back a row or two to fix an error I made, but it […]

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