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History of the socks pt. 2, the Temple of Doom February 21, 2007

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First, I’m looking at the Cascade 220 Superwash as another alternative for the blanket.  The color selection is even better than Mission Falls.

Now you’ll get to see pictures of the second pair of socks I made.
Yarn: Claudia Hand-painted in Freesia from this temptress.
Needles: size 0 Crystal Palace bamboo 6″ dpns
Just a standard 64 stitch toe up with picot bindoff.
Freesia Sock

These socks were the first where I used Miriam’s “Better Fitting toe-up heel flap tutorial”. I should have started my heel about a quarter inch sooner, so the socks are a little long on me. I still love them, though.
Still life with socks and house plant

Yes, the sock likes the plant.
The sock really likes the plant

So, in review, I liked the yarn, but I wish the two skeins had been just a touch more similar. I know, it’s handpainted and that’s just the nature of the beast, but I don’t like how the two socks swirl at different rates. The one on the left really didn’t like it when I added 4 more stitches for my leg.
Reach for the sky!

I’ve started increasing for the gusset on the second BFF sock. I’ll probably be done with it in a week. I’m already dreaming about starting my Jaywalkers!


One Response to “History of the socks pt. 2, the Temple of Doom”

  1. Sheri is a true enabler!!! I just ordered again from her today. If you like Claudia’s email me at fireemtgirl at gmail dot com and maybe we can swap. I have some of her yarn that I don’t really like. But I did manage to match the skeins pretty close. I am a huge fan of Fleece Artist and indie dyers.

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