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Giveitaway, giveitaway, giveitaway now. February 20, 2007

Filed under: knitting — Emily @ 8:02 pm

I don’t like gifting away my hand-knits.  Will the recipient love them as much as I do?  (Related question:  Will the recipient notice the glaring-to-me flaw on the 57th row 19th stitch?) 

But I’ve got a project in mind for my sister.  She will eventually have a baby, and although this event is likely years away I should probably get started.  (If you haven’t guessed by now, I’m a s…. l….. o….. w…… knitter.)  I want to make her a Log Cabin blanket.  I’m thinking about tones of brown and one accent color, maybe a light/mid green.  If she was currently expecting and knew the gender, the accent could instead be either pink or blue and would look great with the brown tones. 

So what I’d love to know is, has anyone used Knitpicks Swish?  Yes, the price is right, but if it’s not good quality I don’t want it. I have looked at Knitter’s Review to see if it was reviewed there, but I didn’t see it. I’m also thinking about Mission Falls 1824 Wool, and I know I like it and the colors that are available, but it’s twice the price of the Swish.

Hmm, it seems that Google is my friend. SaunShine reviewed this yarn just a month ago, and that picture of the fuzzy swatch is a real turn off. And anytime I see this:

This yarn does have joins in the middle of the skein.

I get a little nervous.

Still, I’d like to know what you think if you have an opinion at all. If you know of another yarn that would be good, go ahead and suggest it, too. I want it to be machine-washable, in the worsted/heavy worsted weight range. It doesn’t have to be wool.


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