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History of the Socks, part 1 February 14, 2007

Filed under: knitting — Emily @ 4:43 pm

The promised sock pictures are here, and color adjusted for your pleasure.

First up, the first sock I made. It was sometime late last year, around November or December. I remember I finished the second of the pair just in time to wear on Christmas eve. Yarn is Knitpicks Essential in Pumpkin (the color is pretty accurate on my monitor). 56 stitch sock with short row heel, and an inch of K3P1 ribbing on the top. Size 1 CP bamboo dpns.
First sock evah

My first short row heel was quite an experience. Everywhere you look you find information on how to wrap stitches, but my problem was with picking up the double wraps. And then I still ended up with a hole. The second one turned out fine; I wrapped the first and last instep stitches on the row before I started working in the round.
Short row heel woe

My finished BFF sock. The color is more of a pinky purple than the blue purple that you see in this picture. I’m still learning how to adjust the image in Photoshop.
BFF in FA Amethyst

You can see the cables in this picture! The color’s a little truer, too.
Cable Definition

I know that this yarn probably wasn’t the perfect choice to show off the cable work, but I had two priorities.

    Use the Fleece Artist yarn
    Knit the BFF pattern

Ergo, that’s what I did.

After I finish the second sock, I think I’ll try my hand at some Jaywalkers.


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