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Snow, beautiful snow February 13, 2007

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3-6″ of the white stuff, depending on where you’re standing.

This is ostensibly a knit blog, but today I did something for the first time ever so I want to talk about it. I used a sewing machine! Breathe deeply and you’ll soon get over the shock. I even have pictures today.

The Singer Sewing Machine 185J3. My sister found it at a garage sale a few years back and learned how to sew on it. She received a new machine for her college graduation, so I was offered her old one. The users manual was copyrighted in 1958. Instead of a foot pedal, it uses a knee thingy.

You saw a teaser of it in the last picture. I made a pillow case for a travel/toddler size pillow. I bought a brand new pillow for Anna when she moved to her toddler bed, but it was too tall for her. We had a travel pillow, but no pillow case for it. The fabric was found at Wal-Mart (I’m not a fabric snob yet!), and I call it my Eeyore faux toile.

A close up of the pillowcase. The red lines you see are the print on the pillow.

I took pictures of my sock, which I did get to cast off yesterday. I also took pictures of my first sock ever, so you can mock the hole in the short row heel. Tomorrow, my pretties.


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