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Introductions February 10, 2007

Filed under: cats,knitting — Emily @ 3:36 am

I was going to talk about how materialistic I am and list all of the things I want that I don’t really need (like a Dyson, their marketing is sheer genius!), but that would be boring. So, photos!

Ok, it’s not a photo. Our friends found a kitten in their back yard, and they already had a cat and 2 dogs. So they sent us this movie of the kitten in their bath tub.

That sweet little baby grew. We named her Orphan Annie, but she’s just Annie.

AKA knittingneedleus killerus.

Then there’s Wimpy.

AKA felinas estupidas.

Finally we have Callie. She didn’t feel like posing tonight.

And now I do have some knitting content. The colors are completely wrong and you can’t see any stitch definition, but here you go.



2 Responses to “Introductions”

  1. Even if the color isn’t accurate, I love that way it shows up purple in the photo.

  2. tattva1knits Says:

    Thanks! It is purple, just a different purple. The color is Amethyst, according to the Fleece Artist people.

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