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Dear Kitty, February 8, 2007

Filed under: books,me — Emily @ 8:06 pm

I love to read. I majored in English my freshman year of college, but changed it after I realized that there aren’t many jobs where they pay you to read all day long.

Right now I’m reading The Diary of Anne Frank, as astute readers might have surmised from the title. How did I grow up in the US without ever reading this book before? I’ve read Thomas Hardy, Jane Austen (even Lady Susan!), etc, but never Anne Frank. She was a knitter, you know. I’m enjoying it, if I can say that I enjoy a book where I know the author dies in the end.

I guess this blog will be my Kitty. And in saying that, I’m free to say that Google Reader blows goat’s ass today. I can tell my Kitty anything I want to; millions of people in the future are never going to read it and think poorly of me for using such crude language.

I should get some good work done on my BFF socks tonight. I’m traveling for work, so the only distractions I’ll have are HBO and possibly a Jacuzzi if I get a free room upgrade. I love that Jacuzzi!


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